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I'm the original owner - mileage 108,500 - and I've done three Water Pumps on this vehicle.
Last was 2016 with 99,500 miles. Just noticed a water leak and appears to becoming either
from the pump (at pump to block seal) -- or -- from top of lower radiator hose where it attaches to pump.
Antifreeze looks good and no junk in pan after draining fluid..
It appears this is an All plastic radiator, so other than the heater core, which s/b aluminum, no rust issues that I can see.

1) The water pump does NOT have a weep hole to ID a shaft seal leak, so anyway to tell:whether:
a) the pump is bad (my thought was to remove serpentine and rotate pump shaft looking for to much play)
b) the leak is coming from the pump to block seal NOT shaft seal
-- OR --
c) leaking from lower heater hose at pump?

2) Does anyone flush these system with Prestone (or equiv) system flush?
3) Any other suggestions to troubleshoot this leak
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