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I am starting to like my V6 much better.

I always liked the truck very much........but it got terriable fuel milage.

It got 15 mpg for the first 30,000 miles.

Then it got 13 mpg from 30,000 to 70,000 miles. With much bitXhing from me might I add.

Now it turned over 70,000 miles and it suddenly started getting 15.5 mpg which is much better.

Do you think this engine is just starting to break in?

I bought the truck new in 2002.
The first year or so, I only drove the truck on the long trip to work and back, which was 180 miles a day. Then I found work closer to home.

So......the first 40,000 miles I drove it 180 miles a day going a constant 80 mph.

Could it be that the engine didn't start to "break in" until I started driving it in normal "driving conditions" which started at about 40,000 miles. That is when I no longer drove such a long distance at a constant 80 mph.
I started only driving the truck around town.

If that is the case....then you take the first 40,000 miles away from the total, and then you have an engine with 30,000 miles on it before it started to "break in".

What do ya think?
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