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46E Transmission Question

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Durango starts out in 3rd gear.

If I manually select gears, trans works.

What does this tell you IS working vs what is NOT working?

Any help is appreciated!!!

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shift solenoid sounds like it is bad. mine did that and the dealer stocked the part so it must be common.
I've got the same issue. Does anyone have the part number for the shift solenoid?


3rd gear start

The problem was the "valve body". The dodge tech immediately knew the problem from the discription. This is critical, if you run much from start in 3rd gear, it destroys the clutches (disks) in auto-trans resulting in a very big repair cost. I was lucky and took it in after two times it did it. Cost of part was $700 and labor was $280 (4 hours @ 70). Misc 4+ oil made the bill over $1,100. It has shifted fine since.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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