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Looking to see if you can give some insight on a problem. I have a 2003 4.7L Durango. Threw a P0113 code (Intake Air Temperature Sensor 1 Circuit High) Not sure if that is related or not. I cleared the code and it hasn't come back but I've just had it idling not driving yet.

Of course the kids don't say anything. The next day the wife is driving it and anti-freeze is shooting in the engine and it overheats. Not sure how long she drove it or how hot it got but not seeing any anti-freeze in the oil or spark plugs. Replaced the water pump which appeared to be the anti-freeze leak problem. Ran a compression test and results seamed low (190K miles on it)
Compression results are as follows:
Cylinder 1 122 (plus pushing a lot of air through the spark plug hole, see the string on video over cylinder 1 here: (put htt at before the ps as the forum doesn't want to allow a url) ps://
cylinder 3 145,
Cylinder 5 140,
Cylinder 7 135.

Other side Cylinder 2 130,
Cylinder 4 130,
Cylinder 6 135,
Cylinder 8 130.

Question 1: Could this be cause by a broken head gasket or warped head?
Question 2: Given what you see in video of cylinder 1, do I have a valve seating problem? Could that be the P0113 code? This picture of a broken valve seat is something the Dodge 4.7L has issues with. ie need a new head.

Question 3. Should those compression values concern me?


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