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390 stroker

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I have a 68 block that has never been rebuilt. Came out of my dads 68 fury. I would like to build a 390 stroker. So far I know that the block needs to be bored .030 and I will need a 4' crank. On crane motors web site it says that the compression ration on a zero deck is 10.79 or 12. I would like something in the 10 to 1 ration, but would comprimise. What type of head would you guys use? I have a set of 302 casting 318 heads, and am thinkg about using 360 valves?? Or would you guys use the magnum 318 heads? I know if I go that rout I am limited to the manifolds I can use. Also what type of cam would be a good combo? I have also thought about a 358, a little less radical, but lower compression ratio. This engine will be for a street strip combo. Any info would be greatly appreciative. :cool:
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Why do you want to put all the time and effort into that little motor? Why don't you just build a 408?
or even better, get a 340 block and build a 416 stroker! lol

On my 416, I'm gonna put port and polished stock J heads with the 2.02 intake valves... I eventually want to upgrade to a set of Edelbrock Performer Heads for their standard intake and exhaust setup... Other options would be a set of Mopar W2 econos... but then you will need a special intake, and possibly custom fabricated headers. plus you cant buy them new anymore. (the reasons why im not heading that route)
The Edelbrock heads are the best bang for your buck. Can you get your hands on a set of X heads? might be able to help you out with the hard to find parts.
I want to build a 390 because that is the block I have. Also I want to be different, everyone I know has a 408. A 340 is too hard to find, and I don't have $1800.00

Theres a good website about small block heads...

depending on your funds... you could use a set of J/X heads, 302s, or newer swirl ports... or a set of fully port and polished edelbrocks from hughes will set you back about 2400... But your heads and cam is where you are gonna make your power.
Okay, I understand. Just make sure you have the block sonic checked before you start the rebuild. No sense putting that time, money and effort into a bad block.
What are you building the motor for? How about some vehicle details.
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