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I’ve got a bone stock 360 magnum with a 42rh behind it. I’ve had a slight tick when over 2000 rpm and I can hear what sounds almost like a single cylinder misfire from idle to 2000. I started diagnosing this by checking valves and in doing so, created a problem.

Let me first say I have a torque wrench and have used it throughout this process.

No rockers on the passenger side were loose to the touch. I started by backing the rocker bolts on #2 all the way out and torquing them back down(making sure both valves were fully closed beforehand). I then did the same to #4 and #6. Before getting to the hard to reach #8, I tried to start the truck. I spun with no red flags, but wouldn’t start.

I backed the rocker bolts out to where I could spin the push rods with my fingers, tightened to contact and then 1/4 turn on numbers 2,4, and 6. The truck started right up but because the rocker bolts weren’t torqued, they backed off a smidge and started tapping.

I’ve gone back and forth trying to get it to run while the rocker bolts are torqued and it just won’t. So, I created a problem that doesn’t make sense to me while trying to fix a different problem entirely. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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