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Truck info.
2005 Dodge Ram 1500
Quad Cab, 2WD, 5.7, Laramie

Whats up guys,

With the help of this forum, I have rebuilt almost everything on the front end of my truck including:

Monroe Reflex Shocks
New Rotors and Pads
Timken Wheel Bearings x2
All 4 New Tires

Moog Upper Control Arms
Moog Lower Ball joins and bushings
Mevotech Swaybar Endlinks
Energy Suspension Swaybar Bushings
Moog Tie Rods

After replacing everything, getting an alignment, it is now sitting at perfectly aligned. The issue is that the truck is now slanted to the left. The only two things that I can think that would contribute to this is the shocks and the swaybar.

Here is how I installed them.

1. Jack under the Lower control arm fully compressing the suspension
2. Loosen and retighten upper and lower control arm bushings for preload
3. Insert shocks and tighten until the rubber bushings on top are compressed. Around 20ftlbs of torque.
4. Put the sway bar on the truck (at this point the suspension is still compressed on both sides)
5. Attach the swaybar to the end links and the body, hand tighten bolts
6. Tighten swaybar body mounts
7. Tighten ending points to near 40ftlbs

My question is, should I have installed the swaybar with the suspension compressed?

Should I have installed the shocks with the suspension compressed?

Should I tighten the sway bar end link bolts and then tighten the body mounts?

Is there any other thing that could be causing my truck to lean towards the drivers side?

I would appreciate any input or advice.

Valdez Racing Team
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it sounds like you did it right...sometimes when I see a lean like that I look at the opposite corner (like right rear) to see if it would be pushing up. I have airbags so I adjust them accordingly for any lean...
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