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A quick update: custom fit Carbon fiber, wood and aluminum dash kits are available for 2015 & Up Dodge Challenger!
Many of the forum members installed these kits on their pre-2015 models.

This installation video will give you an idea on how does it look on the dash:

1. Select a kit that you like
2. Choose finish on the dropdown menu
3. See the final price
(the price of a kit depends on a finish)

*To view the price and sect finish - click on one of the pictures below:
Remin® - Basic Dash Kit
24 pieces

Remin® - Full Dash Kit
33 Pieces

Remin® - Exterior Kit
6 Pieces

Dash kits are also available for other Chrysler and Dodge models.
Choose a kit for your car or truck here: Custom Dash Kits at CARiD

They have about 40 materials and colors available for the dash kits. Which one would you choose? Remin Materials: Wood, Carbon Fiber, Brushed Aluminum
Here is a couple of examples:

Please let me know if you need a quote - I will be glad to calculate it for you!
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