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i'm working with a guy on a local forum and he has the 2011 routan/caravan and he has a no-start issues with no codes. he had the fuel pump replaced and still has the issue. i need to know if that model will let you mess with the fuel pump thru the inside of the car or does the tank have to come down? also, the fuel filter is it by the tank in the tank or somewhere along the line somewhere?

if he had the pump replaced i'm wondering if he has the notorious pump relay issue. or if the filter is bad providing it is not in the pump? he has no codes. he claimed at one time it just clicked and i told him that is nothing to do with the pump. but before i get involved with hands-on i figure i might get some ideas to work with.

i was going to do a jumper from the m25 fuse to the m7 fuse to see if it is the relay. but like i said maybe you guys have other ideas to work with. i figured if i do that bypass as a temp test that will tell me if the pump is the issue and if i hear the pump running and it still fails he may have a filter issue. now that is outside of the normal fuel spark and air. i banking on he has air and spark. thanks
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