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There are too many of you guys riding around with stock interior LED bulbs so I wanted to give you the opportunity to come over to the LED side!

What do you get?

Standard ORACLE 1 Chip Version LEDs included. (Option for 3 Chip is Available)
Map: 2 x T10
Rear Handles: 2 x T10
Trunk: 2 x 44mm loop
Puddle Lights: 4 x 44mm loop (two for the front doors and two for the back doors)
License Plate: 1 x T10
Glove Box: 1 x T10
Reverse: 2 x 3157 (WHITE 3157 Bulbs come with this kit)

What colors are available?


1 Chip LEDs are Brighter than Stock
3 Chip LEDs are 3X Brighter than 1 Chip LEDS. For each individual LED on the bulb, there are 3 LEDs stacked on each.

Upgraded to CREE LED reverse lights:

From now until November 1st this kit will be sold at 13% off of the retail price.

If you are interested please feel free to email me at Jonathan[at]AACstyle[dot]com or shoot me a PM and I will be happy to assist you!
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