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Still got my 2009 Limited

I'm still here El Guapo!
The Durango just became my daily driver after being my wife's since Nov 2008. Just under 140k miles. Only had to replace 2 batteries and front wheel bearings. Routine maintenance, still on original plugs. (Need to change those soon).
Lifetime powertrain warranty still intact.
A bracket holding the AC controls in broke recently and the part is discontinued. Boo.
Driver's seat leather cracked. Wish the had put the Chrysler premium leather in. My 2005 had it and looked brand new when I traded it in. I've seen used Aspens that still look great. Most Durango seats are cracked.

Center console lid upholstery is cracked as is the lid. Also discontinued. Might just remove the top completely and have an open bin. Might find a non limited lid and paint it / upholster it.

One door panel cover started to peel up from the panel.

Seat belt retainers cracked - Texas heat, no doubt.

Replaced the headlights because they fogged over.

I had to get my wife a 2014 Yukon Denali as a bridge vehicle with hopes Dodge builds a full size SUV in the next few years.

Came back to check on some mods I want to do and figured I'd reminisce and give a run down of my 10 year old Beast.

Dodge. Different.
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