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I put one of these 4" lift kits on my 2012 Powerwagon with the RS9000 shocks,and dual steering stabilizer kits.
For the price,it's a nice lift kit. There were a couple of problems that we ran into,but Rancho made good on getting me the parts to fix it.
(1) The lower control arm bushing sleeve's were too small for the bolt's. Dodge changed to a larger diameter bolt for 2012,and the kit had the earlier style in it.
(2) The kit comes with 4" lift blocks for the rearend,but since the Powerwagon rear leafspring pack already has a factory lift,the truck sets way to tall if the 4" blocks are installed. Rancho sent me a set of 2" blocks to replace the 4",along with new U-bolts.
(3) On Powerwagon's,they come with all of the skidplates/extra crossmembers under them.
The crossmember that goes under the rear driveshaft is very close to the driveshaft when you lift the truck.You actually have to remove the driveshaft from the rearend to install the rear lift blocks,or you will damage the driveshaft.
I modified the crossmember by cutting out the center section,and then welded a big U-bolt back in it's place to the other ends of the crossmember. It solved the problem,plus I still have a driveshaft hoop,if/when I loose a u-joint.



1 - 5 of 5 Posts