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Friend, don't spend too much time worrying abouit the power window. 1st things first - some assesment . . . then getting your hands dirty.
1) buy a Chilton's or Haynes repair guide at your Auto parts store to get an idea of what evertything looks like.
2) If your motor and switch are working fine, so it is the track that is your culprit
3) If the motor is not fine, you will still need to access the door anyway.
4) The doors in these vehicles are really easy to remove by a couple screws/plastic clips with a flat and phillips screwdriver set; and the repair guide will help you to understand how to remove your door.
5) Once your door is removed, you will slowly peel back the moisture shield from the metal and DONT't WORRY, it'l stick back on. Just DON'T rip the plastic.
6) You will then see that the door and window and track are somewhat easy to access/see/test (another reason to have the repair guide).


1) The window is binding on the rubber in the track in which case you just lube it up with some appropriate stuff and the window will move up and down more freely.
2) The wires and/or connections are corroded and have a high resistance in which you will rewire it in the door
3) The way the window is attached is loose/twisted in which careful observation will show you how to fix it while the door panel is off
4)The switch it old/bad, but that is easy for you to test while the door panel is off. Easy fix - replace it with one from another door where you don't use the button too often. Right fix - buy the correct replacement switch and snap it on in.
5) The motor/track is old and needing to be replaced in which it would be cheaper for you to buy the part FROM THE DEALER than to have someone do the work you are doing. But since the door panel is off . . . well you get the drift. DON"T buy a used part when a replacement will be only a few dollars more, UNLESS you know it work fine AND get it at a siginificant discount.
If there are some plastic clips broken from removing the door panel, don't worry. You can get it at the auto parts store you got the repair guide in the section they have the "HELP!" hard to find replacement parts. Bring a good one in and match it and you'll be in like Flynn.
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