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what is it what does it do I don't have a manual
This is how the owner's manual describes traction control:

This system monitors the amount of wheel spin of each of the driven wheels. If wheel spin is detected, brake pressure is applied to the slipping wheel(s) and engine power is reduced to provide enhanced acceleration and stability. A feature of the TCS system functions similar to a limited slip differential and controls the wheel spin across a driven axle. If one wheel on a driven axle is spinning faster than the other, the system will apply the brake of the spinning wheel. This will allow more engine torque to be applied to the wheel that is not spinning.

The Traction Control System reduces wheel slip and maintains traction at the driving (front) wheels. The system reduces wheel slip by engaging the brake on the wheel that is losing traction (spinning). The system operates at speeds below 35 mph (56 km/h).

The system is always in the “stand by” mode unless:

• The Traction Control Switch has been used to turn the system OFF

• There is a Traction Control System malfunction

• The system has been deactivated to prevent damage to the brake system due to overheated brake temperatures

NOTE: The Traction Control will make buzzing or clicking sounds when in operation.

NOTE: Extended heavy use of Traction Control may cause the system to deactivate and turn on the TRAC and the OFF indicators located in the instrument cluster.

This is to prevent overheating of the brake system and is a normal condition. The system will remain disabled for about 4 minutes until the brakes have cooled. The system will automatically reactivate and turn off the TRAC and the OFF indicators.

If your vehicle becomes stuck in mud, ice, or snow, turn the Traction Control System OFF before attempting to “rock” the vehicle free.

You can download the 2007 Grand Caravan owner's manual from the Mopar website:
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