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2005 magnum r/t trans leak and no dipstick wtf

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found a pool of tranny oil on the garage floor. Tried to check the fluid, guess what no tranny dipstick, the cap says have it serviced at the dealership. 10,000 MILES. In the shop today. Before I brought it down I found tranny oil on the trans pan. any one else have this problem?
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Common problem with the LX Hemi cars. There's a TSB to fix it....replace a seal on the front right of the trans. Takes less than an hour for the dealer to accomplish....if they know what they're doing.
You have got to be kidding me... No tranny dipstick? I'd love to see the dealership try and check it/fill it.

Probably one of the many reasons I refuse to buy a new vehicle, regardless of brand.

Good luck with it.
They use a temperature probe and check the level at a certain temperature. A few other cars dont have self serviceable transmissions like this. I am sure there are more to come.
they told me it was the pan gasket, and they had to order one. Can you beleive that. So I had to reschedule for another appointment, more time off from work. I used to work at a dodge dealership and I never had to have the parts guy order me a pan gasket.
This issue is usually the "O" rings that are used on the electrical connecter near the front passenger side of the trans. I had mine replaced this week under warranty with 16K miles.
mjunda said:
This issue is usually the "O" rings that are used on the electrical connecter near the front passenger side of the trans. I had mine replaced this week under warranty with 16K miles.
Same thing on mine. I found the leak, told them where it was leaking. Easy fix, right? Turn the connector 1/2 turn, pull it out and replace the o-rings. Well, they had it for two days and told me they had to pull the pan and valve body. I called b.s., but that's what they said they did. My invoice didn't reflect any of the work they told me they did. Dealers suck.
Thanks for the info. I know the the tranny guy down there, and I'll ask him to check it out for me. Thanks again.
Had my o-ring replaced at 7500miles, in and out in a day.
Mine was replaced at 30K..... In and out in 15 minutes.

Well, I was getting on here this evening to see if anyone had this problem. I get a call from my wife today at work telling me there is a puddle of oil where the card was parked in the garage. I was thinking holy crap it only has 10600 miles and I rarely romp on it at all. So, I figured it couldn't be much and on my way home I called her and ask how big was the "puddle." I was thinking maybe a few drops. She explained it was about the size of both the palms of her hands put together. Immediately I thought holy shit the engine is going to lock up any second. However, there was no oil indicator light on. Luckily I only live about 10 miles from work. Needless to say when I arrived home the garage was waiting open for me and I could see the puddle. A little closer inspection and I determined it to be transmission fluid. She was right though it was a pretty good amount. At least half a pint. This evening I went to check the level and I was looking all over for the dipstick. Nowhere to be found. Lastly, after shining a light and looking I could see some wet spots on my transmission pan. I HOPE it is only the seal or o-rings. I would hate it to be something else and my transmission has been running like this for a couple of weeks. I guess I will be looking for puddles when I back and pull her out of the garage. Tomorrow I'm taking her in and I will let you guys know what happens and what kind of problem them come up with.
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Yep ... might as well weigh in, too. I had my o-ring seal replaced at dealer (under warranty) at about 13k miles. Dropped it off in AM, they gave me ride to work, picked it up, no problem. Sounds lie a common (and easy fix) problem.
No dipstick--bad o-rings

Same problem--couldn't believe there is no dipstick! Had to take it back to the dealer for a warranty repair. Seems a couple o-rings on a sending unit had failed. This was on a 2005 magnum with ~20k miles.
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