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Hello, Long time browser and i do not get on here much but i am hoping you guys can help me out.
My truck started stalling when i went over a set of rough railroad tracks while towing my dump trailer.
It has gotten worse to the point where it would not start again unless i disconnected the battery.
My son in law ran a scan for me and the codes came up as crank position sensor, cam position sensor, and throttle body bad.

I replace all three and thought i was good to go....i drove the truck 20 miles before hitting another pot hole and it died again.....pulled over, shut it down, put it in park...started right up smooth as could be and drove off...came to a light...when it turned green...gave it some gas and it shut down again throwing a check engine light. Everytime it has stalled a red lighning bolt would illuminate on the lower right dash board. Sometimes it would not flash and instead a check engine light would come on. it also goes into limp mode when the engine light comes on...completely dies when the lightning bolt comes on.
I was right near an auto zone so i pulled in and got 6 they are.

Po335...this code was thrown 2 times

Please let me know if you can help me out here..... i have seen this problem come up before on the forums over the years but it is very confusing on how to fix it.

Once again...i have a brand new factory Dodge parts throttle body. crank Pos sensor, and Cam Pos sensor installed.

the battery has been disconnected many times over the last week while work was being done to the truck.

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