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I have a 2004 dodge ram 1500 with a 5.7L Hemi 4x4 and a 2-wheel ABS system. The problem on my truck is that the brakes will not release fully and have a slight consistent dragging. This has created a shake on the highway at about 65mph. Along with the shake, it slows down on it's on and does not hold a coast when letting off the gas pedal, to the point where it will slow down on its own while going downhill. This is accompanied by a burning smell from each front wheel(no issues with the rear wheels). Its done this since I got the truck 5 months ago. Before anyone suggests that the vibration is from something else, I can assure you it's not because I have changed everything that would cause a vibration on a vehicle, I mean everything. Before I get into the brake problem itself, I'll go over every component that I have changed or serviced on this truck from when I bought it, so that people can get a clear picture.

1. oil change
2. fuel system cleaning and intake flush through vacuum line
3. pulled apart and cleaned throttle body
4. replaced air filter
5. replaced pcv valve
6. replaced all 16 spark plugs and #7 coil
7. replaced transmission sump filter
8. replaced transmission cooling return line filter
9. flushed transmission
10. replaced wipers
11. replaced lower ball joints
12. replaced upper ball joints
13. replaced upper control arms
14. replaced inner and outer tie rods
15. replaced all shocks
16. replaced all 4 tires and had balanced, and alignment done(multiple times)
17. rotated tires at 6k miles after new tires were put on
18. fixed rusted wheel wells and installed fender flares, also painted and clear coated
19. replaced all three u joints on front and rear driveshaft and had mechanic confirm the drive shaft was balanced and no transmission issues were present
20. replaced entire front differential carrier
21. replaced both cv axles
22. replaced sway bar end links
23. replaced sway bar bushings
24. the guy that I bought the truck from also recently had an entire brand new Posi rear end installed
25. replaced master cylinder multiple times(bench bled properly each time)
26. replaced both calipers(went through 8, yeah 8, calipers from advanced and auto zone but all were faulty so I got upgraded to powerstop calipers that are working great)
27. replaced rotors 3 times before finally ordering slotted and drilled power stop rotors for the front wheels
28. flushed brake system more times than I can remember with proper brake fluid
29. replaced brake booster once but the one I put on had a vacuum leak so I put my old one back on
and it works fine(also disconnected it and drove to see if it was causing drag but to no avail)
30. replaced both flex brake hoses twice(first set started leaking so I took them back and exchanged)
31. replaced pads with ceremic high performance pads
32. replaced abs pump 3 times to no avail(got them properly bled with DRB III scan tool)
33. replaced left front wheel bearing hub and abs speed sensor(right front is fine)
34. Checked rims for bends and had confirmed by multiple mechanics that they are fine
35. Replaced drivers side brake hardline
36. Replaced all bleeder screws
37. replaced rear diff fluid and gasket
38. replaced front diff fluid and gasket

Now that you can get a clear picture of what has already been done I'll explain the problem. The brakes drag to the point where I can confirm it by the burning smell and heat coming the front front wheels and rotors. It shakes on the highway, sometimes it's intermittent and wont shake and will almost freely coast after letting off the gas pedal. Some days it drags more than others but it has never fully gone away. It's not the input brake booster rod seeing that this model is not able to be adjusted.

One time I pulled the abs pump fuse out and it drove so smoothy that I thought it wasn't really happening haha. It lasted for a day maybe and then began dragging again, leading me to think that it was the abs pump valve sticking but after replacing the abs pump twice, problem persists. As of right now the brakes still drag but significantly less than when I discovered the problem. This all started with me chasing a vibration/shake on the highway and it lead me to the front brakes(after changing everything that causes vibrations or shaking). All mechanical components are installed and working properly i.e., calipers, pads, rattle clips etc. everything is greased up properly including slide pins, caliper pistons, all moving parts. I have also seated the brakes properly when putting on the new rotors. I have spoken to probably 6 mechanics who can't figure out the problem and I feel like I'm losing my mind. I have determined that this is a dodge engineering problem and that the design of these brake systems are faulty. I'm stunned there hasn't been a recall done seeing that there will come a time when someone's (like mine) brake system spontaneously fails due to brake fluid reaching boiling point, due to dragging. If someone can help me that would be great, I'm at the point of psychological distress. Never in my life have I chased a problem on a vehicle as unfixable as this one.

God Bless

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Check the hoses leading to the brake calipers. If they are mounted in some form of bracket to hold them in place I have see the brackets rusting here in Pennsylvanis and the rust pits pressure on the lines squeezing them andwill not allow the caliperes to return to their resting state. Seen this on many different vehicles in Pennsylvania.

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The brake systems are not a faulty design. I have put over 200000 miles on three gen 3 dodges with no brake problems. If you haven't tried this a power flush of the brake system might blow something out.
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