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Alright so heres whats up folks... i've talked to several shops and each one has said something different. I actually have the car at a shop now ( been there most the day ) and they are still checking things out. So I figured I'd get some opinions from some car experts here..

ALright, heres whats up..

I was driving home Christmas Eve.... just departed from a red light and was going up a hill when suddenly something "popped" or something.. and the car immediately deccelerated on me and quit moving. I therefore put it in neutral and rolled backwards into a center lane, and put it back in drive, pressed the gas, and it lurched forward a foot or so but wouldn't go any further. ( I could feel it trying to go forward, but it wouldn't. ) So I put it in park, called a tow truck, and had it towed to the house.

The next day, some of my family and I went and looked at it, and most said CV Axle, one said filter and pump... who knows. But anyways, I let my dad crank her up and he put it in drive ( it engages instantly ) and he pressed the gas. It lurched forward a foot or so then stopped, but you could feel the pressure of it trying to go forward.

At any rate, the car will shift into each gear and engage, but, it won't move more than a foot before it locks up and quits moving, however, after it locks up, you can still feel it trying to move forward if in drive, or backward if in reverse.

So, here is a rundown..

P - Goes into park fine.
R - Goes into reverse, engages instantly and goes into backward motion, but stops rolling backwards after a foot or so. When you press the gas, it rev's up and I can feel it trying to go backwards, but, it won't.
N - Goes into neutral, however, it doesn't roll. I tried to push the car, but it just rocks back and forth as if it was actally in park.
D - Goes into drive and engages instantly, starts to pull forward the stops as if it locks up. Press the gas, and it acts like its moving ( can feel the pressure going forward ) but it won't budge.
3, 2, 1 - All gears engage, but does the same as drive does.

At first I was like, DAMN, transmission went out, but, so far the general consensus is its not the transmission thats went out, just a componet that works with it that makes the car move... they just can't figure out what componet yet.

Anyways, figured someone here may be able to shine some light.... hopefully tomorrow they can figure out whats up.
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