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So my truck died in the middle of road, while driving. Tried to crank and it could barely hold on, irratic idle. Seemed like a misfire. There was no CEL, but I had a code reader and got po300.

After some 5 senses investigation... I seem to smell fuel. Just turning the key, without trying to start I was listening for the fuel pump (which seems to work) and also heard clicking noises coming from the throttle body? I confirmed by unplugging it (noise stopped). I dont think i ever heard the throttle body "click" before... is that normal?

My question: what are the chances my throttle body is causing the po300? I have been reading and there is no TPS on the 5.7L, seems to be integrated? Could there be some other reason that is making my throttle body click before starting. It would seem the only way this possible is something electrical, since the motor is not even started.

Thanks, Josh
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