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We own a 02 Dodge Grand Caravan eX. The van now has ~39K miles on it with numerous problems. Here is a brief list . . .

Power Sliding Doors (3 times - 2 different parts)
Air Conditioning (Compressor bad at 35,933)
Passenger Side Air Bag (4 times - finally replaced entire system)
Steering (1 recall for hose, 2 for faulty parts)
Driver's side power window (replaced motor)
Transmission (replaced)
Radio (2 replacements)

Currently in the shop for faulty steering parts again (same problem, now for the third time). In the meantime we have replaced brake pads all around and the battery as normal maintenance. We have friends who also own a 02 like ours, bought at a different dealership and they have experinced the same problems. Has anyone else experienced or currently having these kind of problems?

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