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2002-2005 Dodge Ram Sport Grille pieces + NON SPORT Bumper Billet ON EBAY

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sport grilles and bumper grill on ebay:
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Um that lower billet only fits chrome bumpers not sport bumpers!
thanks for bringing that to my attention and sorry for the confusion
No Probes, Best of luck on your sale! :D
thank you for helping out, I wasn't paying too close attention there.
how much just for the bumper grill?
here they are on my truck.
changed it for a different look.

they are listed as a set. if not sold in 1 week I will entertain separate sales.
Fireman, First of all let me say your truck looks great!

Who makes that grille? Seems to match the MOPAR one pretty well.

Off topic a bit, What make are your door handles? I wasn't sure about them on a dark truck but I have the same color as you and Im diggin' em. Thanx
Thank you very much,
the grill is a Mopar unit, and the bumper grill is from Grill4you ( somtheing like that) off ebay. I got the idea from this board ( I think uncbob ???) to paint the 2nd and 4th slat to match the mopar look.
The handles are solid billet alum , I got them from Stylin concepts after it was stolen, luckily recovered without too much damage. all 4 handles and the tailgate was around $500., but i hope that they, along with jimmi-jammers keep them from getting in so easily again...
Hey, how much shipped to 28083?
Tankem, they are on ebay, if they don't sell by the end of the auction , I will sell them separately.
thanks for looking
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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