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This 2.7 engine has 3 spun rod bearings typical of most the 2.7's.........It can be rebuilt as the heads and lots more are still in good shape. Only parts were removed was the oil pan and the few rod caps that were suspect of damage.

I have already checked into a re-man crank and a few re-conditioned rods here locally and foud out that for less than 250.00 you can get the needed parts to fix the bottom end.

I will entertain any offers on the complete engine but keep in mind local pickup is best as shipping will get pricey.

I also have these misc parts which are in great shape....all 2001 2.7 of course
power steering pump w/resevoir
a/c lines ( from compressor)
a/c compressor
misc small parts like electrical harness,vacuum harness,motor mounts and more.

any of these parts that may be of interest pm me with an offer as most reasonable offers will be accepted.
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