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When I first bought it, It would shift hard from 1st to 2nd and couldn't shift to 3rd.
So I replaced the governor shift solenoid and governor pressure sensor (or transducer, I keep getting different names for the part). Changed fluid and filter also. The new solenoid I received had the clip holes in a different position so I had to mount the plug to the solenoid reversed.
It shifts but not right, now it slips in overdrive and revs up. Also now the shift indicator randomly switches between every gear as soon as you turn the ignition on. It didn't do that before I changed parts.
Also the battery drains so I leave the battery disconnected for long periods of time. This isn't my daily driver.

Any guesses on what could be going wrong?

Also I'm pretty certain my transmission is a 46re but not 100% sure can anyone confirm?

Here's video of the shift indicator malfunctioning.

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