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We were experiencing issues that led to a fuel pump replacement. It was difficult to start. I ordered a new fuel pump from an online reseller. When I installed the pump, it was showing E, with fuel light on. I added about 7 gallons of gas, and it went up to F, and the fuel light came ion for a moment intermittently on the way home, just for a second.

I went back home, after it cooled down, siphoned off about 5 gallons, and lowered the tank to remove the pump. I connected just the electrical line to the pump, now out of the tank and had my wife town on the ignition trying several positions with the float, and each time it accurately showed the correct level based on where I had the float positioned.

I then re-installed the pump, and again, started with it showing empty. I went down to get this time 3 gallons of gas, and it still shows E. No change on the gauge.

Any ideas on whats going on?
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