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Timing cover gasket was leaking. As part of the repair, I decided to replace timing chain set since it was slacky. Everything is back together and upon attempting to re-start the engine, it was misfiring badly and then died after a few seconds. After some research online, I found a couple of recommendations regarding relearning the ECM whenever a repair is done that will affect the air/fuel ratio. I tried both of the following:

First, I turn key to run position and throttle the gas pedal 1/4 of the way for 10 seconds, release gas pedal, turn the key to the off position, then attempt to start. This got the engine running but soon began to sputter and have erratic RPMs. Then it died after 2 minutes.

Second, I tried the same steps as above but instead pressed the gas pedal wide open for 10 seconds. When I attempted to start the engine, it started perfectly, stayed running for approximately 5-10 minutes but as the engine warmed up to normal operating temperature, and the RPM's kept dropping, the idle was becoming erratic, surging, and after a few more minutes it died.

I had greater success with the 2nd method.

I know I need to relearn the ECM. Anyone know the correct method of doing so?
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