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Hi folks, I'm new here having just bought a 2000 RAM 1500 van conversion (Tiara) which I'm trying to get started. It has been sitting for 4 years with no battery and drained fuel. When I put a new battery in and try to start it, the hazard flashers stay on with power, even when turned off, and the whole dash array of lights flashes and the key-in buzzer goes in sync with the flashing when the key is turned to the first position (accessories). Cranking the key has no effect at all (flashing and buzzing just keeps going). Only code is P0601 indicating the PCM, but I'm thinking there's more to this, like maybe the PO messed with the electrics. There are fuses and relays in the glove compartment so something was attempted. I'm "told" that it started before it was parked and this is a new issue - who knows.

Any ideas or suggestions as to where to start diagnosing this one? I'm proficient with car repair so no concerns about the challenge. If anyone can direct me to a fuse and/or wiring diagram I'd be very grateful. I'm finding nothing for the fuse panel in mine (see pic).

Thanks in advance for any help

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I have the same van. Runs good. comfortable to drive. My issues are the O/D will go off and on at random and my battery gage will move clear to the right as far as it will go. I’ve replaced battery and cables. Still does it but not as frequent. Now my battery area is making these clicking noise. I don’t know what to do mow. Have spent over 600 on it and still not fix.
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