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Hey all,
Well this looks like round 1 of parting out my 1st Gen DOHC turbo motor to fund the new swap.
All prices do not include shipping.
First up is the Hahn Stage 2 turbo kit. Comes with the manifold, 20G turbo upgrade (with less than 5000 miles on it), intercooler piping, FMIC, Greddy Type S BOV, Hahn inline fuel booster pump. I'll even throw in my oil pan that has been tapped for the oil drain. The intercooler piping has all been powdercoated red. Some of it has some scratches and whatnot from use, but the parts that you see in the engine bay are all in good shape. $2700.00 OBO

Here you can see the one dent in the pipe, there are no leaks anywhere:

RC Engineering 550cc injectors. $325.00:

Indy Intake Manifold with MPx 60MM Throttlebody. I'd like to sell these 2 together because the person I bought them from did some semi port matching for the TB. The powdercoating is in decent shape (once again, all the parts you can see once it's mounted). I'll even throw in my stock fuel rail that has been cut to work with the manifold. $500.00.

Eagle H Beam rods and JE Forged turbo pistons. .0020 over sized bore. They've been in the car for less than 5000 miles. 3 out of the 4 are in great shape. The 4th piston is... well.. not so good. The rod seems to be in decent shape, just a little melted metal flaked onto the top of it from the piston destroying itself. I was messing with it and the metal seems to flake off. Not sure what to ask for these... $500.00?

2.0 DOHC Valve Cover, powdercoated read. Good shape, some minor scratches. $30.00

Head. Was in pretty good shape. Just had a 3 angle valve job done recently. Indy stainless steel valves. Crane valve springs with titanium retainers. PT valve train. Also comes with ARP exhast manifold studs. $400.00

As you can see, number 4 got banged up a little. Not sure if that can be cleaned up or not. I wouldn't see why not, but I'm no machinist.

Most of these parts will need to be cleaned up. I wiped them off for the pics, but they are dirty from the little engine mishap.

I may have more up for sale shortly, not sure which parts I have left will transfer over to the SRT motor (cams, cam gears, pulleys, etc...).


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