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Hey I'm new here. Name is Karla. I own a 1999 Ram 1500 5.9 Magnum named Beasty. I absolutely love my truck but it started having issues recently. I bought it with a "rebuilt" transmission about a year ago and recently it started acting like it was starting in 2nd or 3rd gear. It threw a p1757 code. I did some diagnostic work on it and found a shorted O2 sensor causing the circuit to be pulled to ground. (I think if i remember correctly). Replaced the rear O2 and all was well. I also noticed no return spring on the TV cable (and no bracket for the spring either)so i went to the hardware store and got a spring and put it where its suppose to be, so it returns it back to "home" when the gas is let off. That was about 4 months ago. The truck never shifter and started out so good before! It has always had a slow take off from a stop. You couldn't chirp the tires if you wanted to. Still can't, but its much faster.
Well last week I got the code again and my truck was acting like it was starting out in 3rd. Had it towed home. Fluid in the pan was very bad.. the magnet had quite a bit of material on it as well.. I checked all the wiring from the pcm to the governor sensor and solenoid, all checked out with my ohm meter, and i also had 5v ref voltage, so I replaced the governor pressure sensor and pressure solenoid. New ATF+4 fluid and trans filter. Adjusted the front and rear bands as well. The truck went back to normal. Actually better than its ever driven. For a week. And now the code is back but the truck is shifting normal. Where do I go next? I don't have a good scan tool to read live data yet other than my ELM327 wifi scanner which is dodgy at best.
Should I check the pressure at the gov pressure port? Is it possible to have a intermittent short in the wiring?? I do everything DIY so I'm hoping to fix it without taking it to a shop.

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