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I'll be honest, I'm no auto mechanic expert. But, I have some pretty good luck with diagnosing and repairing my own vehicles with repair manuals. Ive worked on fords and kias so far. I just purchased a 1998 dodge caravan since my wife wanted a larger seating van vs our 5 seating vehicles.

There's noise from under the hood....sounds like an aircraft when pressing down on gas pedal and there's a clear odor smell coming through the vents of exhaust. Sound goes away when i remove my foot off gas pedal. I'm assuming it needs a new exhaust manifold....but could this smell and sound come from a worn out gasket? When I pull on the throttle cable I could immediately smell the exhaust but there's no smoke coming from anywhere noticeable. I'm assuming because this is the very same part that just broke on my sister in laws Chevy. The repair shop charged her $400 and stated it needed to be welded on .....infound this hard to believe. Especially since there's still an audible noise co!ing from hwer exhaust and a smell that is still coming through her vents. I'm guessing they did a repair and not s complete replacement and then over charged her? What do you think?

How hard of a job are we talking if I were to soak the bolts overnight? I've yet to purchase the repair manual to see the exact steps involved but I figured I'd hop on to see what other people have experienced with this repair before deciding on it.

Also on a side note....the windshield wipers won't turn off unless the relay switch fuse thing is removed from the fuse box. I've read people have had a few parts replaced multiple times but it still keeps failing where it just won't stay off unless that piece is removed from fuse box. Any takes on this?
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