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I removed the pick up box and found the vent hose to the rollover valve rotted and was not connected to the valve, for one thing I am hoping that is why I get an evap code every couple thousand miles, the other issue is I broke the vent on the valve trying to remove the old hose. I ordered a new valve from Tasca (advertised as genuine Mopar) but was a little loose in the grommet, loose enough that I think over time will wiggle up out of the grommet or may pop completely out of the grommet. I used a caliper to measure the original valve and it was a few thousandths larger than the replacement, so I wrote to Tasca asking if this is actually a Mopar part (still waiting for a reply). I initially wanted to buy a new grommet also but as anyone who has dealt with this knows that the grommet is discontinued. I applied some brake fluid to the grommet to make it more pliable - which it worked. At first I thought the brake fluid had some affect on the grommet, but since the original fits better than the new one I figured that was not the case. I also needed the axle vent (that holds the rear brake hose) which is discontinued, but I found a thread that said to use one from a jeep which I did. I wonder is there some other vehicle grommet & valve combo that might work? I don't want to order another valve and still have the same problem... Sorry if I rambled on , I wanted to try and provide as much info as possible. Any help would be appreciated.
Also the valve I used was #52127666
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