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Hello there - about a month ago I purchased a 1995 dodge caravan 3.0L with only 65k on it. It has been running perfect until the other day. I was working on the interior for several hours with doors open and the battery ran low (it usually doesn't drain when I do that as the lights have an auto timer on them) I discovered the dead battery when I went to move it out of the garage and the engine wouldn't turn over of. No problem, I hooked up a 6amp charger for a couple of hours until it was fully charged again.

However, when I went to start it, the engine would turn over, start, and immediately die unless I was giving it a lot of pedal.

1) I could coax it into running by giving it gas for about a minute and then it would idle by itself. But, if I revved the engine and let off the pedal it would die again (BTW each time it died the dash lights would dim).
2) I tried to drive it and had the same issue - it died when I take my foot off the gas - barely got it back home and into the driveway!
3) The next day I got it to start right away and it idled fine but then the same symptoms occurred if I revved it or drive it (would die with dimming dash lights).
4) It started right up today, idled fine and came back to idle after revving engine (but comes close to dying with dimming dash lights but the idle and lights recover).

Has full tank of new gas, and I can hear the fuel pump cycle when I turn the key. The battery has full 12+ volts at rest and 14+ volts when running. I thought it was a fuel issue but now I'm thinking it might be electrical because of the dimming dash lights.....

I'm hesitant to drive it for fear of getting stranded somewhere.

Any thoughts on what the issue could be?
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