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Hey everyone. I have a 1988 D150 5.2 auto. Ok so I let my uncle barrow my truck for a few months. Torque Converter locked up on him. So I had the transmission completely rebuilt. When I picked it up from the shop. It's bucking between 45&60mph 65+ seems to smooth out. It's never done that before. Also it only dose it when I'm holding the pedal as if cruise control was on. If I give it throttle or let off it stops.

Also new issue that popped up at the same time. While cold runs out great. Once warms up if I'm being easy while decelerating sounds like it's backfiring through the throttle body. But I just completely let off quickly doesn't seem to do it.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Truck is just a running driving project truck. Up until it went in the shop to have the trans rebuilt. Only things were wrong other than needing a paint job was. Cruise control, A/C, temp gauge, oil pressure gauge and voltage gauges don't work. Also any information on fixing those would be greatly appreciated as well.


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