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1987 Ram 50 Wont Pass Smog, Help

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It failed for the 3rd time. Luckily the smog guy is cool and has manual moded the last 2 tests.

I have changed the cat, the plugs, the carb, the gas cap, the oil, ran a bottle of Sea Foam and...installed a rebuilt carb.

I changed the o2 sensor 2 years ago. I guess that could be bad.

The carb is a rebuilt of the original and bench/flow tested before I get it. It was set to oem specs.

The timming is 8 like what it asked for underneath the hood.

these are my results

15mph HC (PPM) 239 Co 3.77 No 109

25mph HC (ppm) 168 Co 1.31 No 181

I guess the carb is running rich. I have no clue to adjust one of these mikuni sonex carbs. I was able to adjust the idle but thats about it.

Anyone know how to lean or rich it out?

Thanks in advance

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what model is the truck? d50?
yea its a D50 pickup with a 2.0 and 5spd trans
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