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I'm offering up my 1978 Plymouth Super Coupe for sale.

-Engine and Trans: 106,XXX Miles on original E58 360 and 727 Torqueflite, recent trans fluid and gasket, rear main seal, rear freeze plugs, oil changes always at 3000 miles, runs great, reliable, great oil pressure about 50psi at 65mph, 25psi at idle

o Recent Schumacher Polyurethene motor mounts
o Recent Transmission Mount
o Recent Duralast Gold Battery
o Recent full 2 ¼" dual exhaust with Flowmaster Mufflers and chrome tips
o Lean burn removed, all wires are bundled in engine bay for re-installation
o 650cfm 4bbl Speed Demon Carburetor with electric choke and mechanical secondaries, less than 20,xxx miles
o March Underdrive Water and Crank Pulley's
o Edelbrock Elite Air Cleaner and Valve Covers (original valve covers included)
o Recent U-joints
o Recent Ball Joints
o Recent rear leaf Springs
o Recent front and rear brakes, front wheel bearings
o Recent Spark Plugs, Cap, Rotor, MSD Ignition 8mm Spark Plug Wires
o Recent Good Year Eagle GT II's

o Paint and stripes: Repainted in Spring 2003, good driver quality, a few scratches and chips here and there(driven daily in warm weather), never driven in snow
-Decklid needs a new pass. side bracket.
-A few spots in the quarters look like they are starting to come through as well as a seam above the the driver's side rocker that is below the door striker(behind the closed door not visible)
o Great Tuff Wheel
o Wheels & Tires: NOS Center caps, Super Coupe 15X8" wheels, Good Year Eagle GT II's
o NOS Grill, NOS Turn signals(included but not on car), NOS SC Gas Cap, center section of rear spoiler is decent, missing a stud underneath and doesn't sit perfectly (a good spoiler with good studs is included needs to be painted), black window trim paint is starting to chip in a few places
o Front spoiler is off car, needs repair, (new stripe for spoiler included)
o Glass is good, front windshield has a crack (does not leak)
o Recent Hallogen Headlights
o Mopar Performance Water Temp and Oil Pressure Gauges on Monte Carlo A-pillar pod

o Center console shift, console door could be better, plastic covering on the "wood" moulding is starting to peel
o Excellent Dash Pad
o Recent Carpet
o Ok Headliner, (has a small spot where it cracked (about 1x2.5").
o Good seats, one open seam in driver's back and a few in passenger's bottom, repairable, rear seat seams are good, top of rear seats is a little sunfaded
o Excellent Door Panels
o Good kick panels and A-pillar covers (faded)
o Passenger side remote mirror cable was not re-installed in car

This car runs great. I've driven it the past 3 years from about April to November daily. I wouldn't hesitate to drive it cross country at the drop of a hat. It made a round trip to and from NY to Michigan (about 700 miles each way) this past sumemr without a hiccup.

Asking $7500. Gets looks and compliments everywhere it goes. The picture I have uploaded is from this past August, I'll try and have some more pictures for email by this weekend so email me.

Contact me at [email protected] :gr_patrio

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Lord I'd like to have one of those cars, have wanted a RT, Roadrunner or Super Coupe for a long time now, can't never seem to part with what I have for sale at the right time. :help:
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