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Hi, my nephew has bought a 1976 Dodge Power Wagon. It should have some (i believe) chrome parts on the car. As we are from the Netherlands it is both hard to find Dodge parts and if you find them it is insanely expensive. So as a stopgap he asked me if I could 3d print the missing parts. Just so he can save enough money to buy the originals lateron.

Now I've been searching the internet for 3d models. That was not very succesfull, I could find the Ram ornament. But logo's or the power wagon strip are still elusive to me.

Is there anybody here who has a 3d model of the Power Wagon emblem and maybe the Dodge letters on the front logo? Or are there people who have the specific fonttype? Of course I am looking for the period apropriate fonts/logo's if possible.

Thanks in advance
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