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Here is the info on what was specifically covered if you had the Insulation package in your 74 - 80 Ramcharger or Trail Duster

from 1970 - 1971 the code was YA6

from 1974 - 1980 the code again was YA6

in 1974 only, there was also a Heavy Duty Package, that code was YA7

Here is the info:

the package included:

Front floor mats with insulation in drivers compartment

Insulated (white) headliner in the drivers compartment

The HEAVY DUTY Package included:

1550 / 1720 pounds capacity front springs

2500 / 2850 pounds rear springs

Requires minimum 8.75-16.5E (10PR) Front and Rear Tires

and A727 Auto transmission

this was for the 127" wheelbased B300 models ONLY

Hope this helps
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