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this is some general info on the items that were included in the 1973 - 1980 Adventurer Sport Package

the code number is YF4

It includes:

Bright Windsield moulding

Bright Vent wing division bar

Body side mouldings - paint filled (wide)

Bright Paint filled tail gate mouldings around the tail gate depression (Sweptline only)

Bright drip and rear window mouldings

Bright Tail lamp bezels (Sweptline only)

Bright hubcaps

Bright mylar rear window mouldings (for club cabs)

All vinyl seat trim pleated with buttons (color keyed)

Bright moulding

Woodgrain plaque with "Adventurer Sport" name plate

Horn - bar color keyed

Cigar lighter

Foam core headlining - Parchment colored

Bright Instrument cluster face plate w/ woodgrain inserts

Formed plastic rear side and back inner trim panels (in Parchment or Black for Club cab models)

Two tone instrument panel

Hope this helps
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