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1964 - 1965 Custom Sports Special Package

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Custom Sport Special


225 cu in / 140HP Slant Six engine

122" wheelbase 8' Sweptline body

3.91 rear axle 3600 pound

6.70 / 15 4 ply front / rear / spare tires on a 5 stud 15" x 5.00 wheel

Bucket Seats with console


Dual Armrests and sun visors

OPTIONS include:

318 cu in 200HP V8

Power Steering**

Heavy Duty instrument cluster and tach**

Anti-Spin differential

Rear axle struts**

Chrome front bumper*

Chrome Grille and Roof Moldings

Set of sports car racing stripes extending over the roof and hood

Available D/W100 D/W200 Utiline and D/W100 D/W200 Sweptline body styles

Available in 13 colors: when the body color is dark, the four 1" racing stripes are white - when the body color is light, the stripes are black

* = Included in the Bucket seat trim package

** = Mandatory equipment with the High Performance engine

Hope this helps
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