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wish i had taken pictures, MAN those old U Joints were in BAD shape!
i knew one of em was toast, cap was split, needle bearings were visible an dry as a bone.
so i decided i might as well replace both driver's and pass sides.

since i had everything apart a year ago to change out the wheel bearings, the tear down took less time that the jack position and wheel/tire removal.

let me tell ya, those caps on the U joints weren't going ANYWHERE, i spent a good two hours trying to get them out, all i was successfull in doing was getting the C clips off.
So, i took the shafts to work and put em on our press (not sure of the tonnage but wasn't a biggun) and dang near broke the press.

so, i found a guy down here that works for an industrial Volvo repair shop and he's rumored to do really good driveshaft work. So i called the place and was referred to a fella named Catfish, and Catfish hooked me up, for 25 bucks, he got the old U Joints out and popped the new ones in and even greased em up for me (i didn't feel like waiting on the high dollar spicer joints, and read bad things about all the other sealed types, so i went with Precision's Greasables)
an hour later, i had big red back on the ground with new u joints, wire brushed wheel bearings (couldn't stand putting em back on looking rusty) and a ridiculous amount of anti seize on everything

it's amazing how many noises those old u joints were responsible for, beyond the clunking that tipped me off to the failed joint, i had steering binding (apparently from the ancient u joints being dry as a bone not wanting to pivot at ALL) that was giving me pops, along with a multitude of random squeaks and clunks that i couldn't repeat

just figured i'd share with all you 4x4 3/4 and 1 tonners out there.

so far the greasable precision joints are great, Catfish (who has been doing this for over 30 yrs) was pleased with how tight they felt when mated up, did some 4wd ditch riding and they were dead silent and smooth, so no signs of early failure.

Lesson to be learned: Old rusty U joints suck, replace those jokers before they get stuck!!


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