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Selling - 1.) Never Opened, Brand New In Same Box as I Received It In a Black Westin Ultimate Bull Bar.
For the 2005+ Dodge Dakota.
I Paid $228.95 and $35.00 Shipping off eBay a Few Weeks Ago give or take a few days.

Black Westin Ultimate Bull Bar.

If your Interested please send me an email using the DodgeTalk email service in the DodgeTalk Membership Area by clicking on my user name with your offer. I Prefer Local Pickup from Florida but will ship if price is right. I'm Disabled and cannot get around to easily lifting heavy stuff around just so ya's know.

I have 2 of them (Long Story). 1 on my vehicle and 1 Brand New in the Box it was Shipped to me in. Not even the Shipping Straps were removed from it. The Box is as it was when I received it from UPS.

If you have any questions please email me those as well.
Please don't send P.M.'s about this because there are times i do not read them right away but with email I will get it faster.


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