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charging question. My 09 6.7 cummins wouldn't start this morning. Battery terminal was corroded so I cleaned and jumped it. the gauge is showing just over 14 volt charge and a volt meter on the battery is comfirming so. Shortly after it was running the gauge dropped to about 10 volts (meter confirmed this), then within a few seconds went back up to 14.5-15 volts. it kept doing this for a few minutes then stopped. Is this normal? Anyone else experiencing this and how did you fix it? Thanks
How cold is it outside? It sounds like the cycling of the intake air heating screen. It draws a heck of a lot of current and can draw the battery terminal voltage down. BTW the terminal voltage at “normal” temp should be 13.2 volts (2.2V X 6). The terminal voltage will vary with outside temp going up as it gets hotter. Also the voltmeter in the dash is OK, but it’s not that accurate.
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