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06 Dakota slt+ 4x4 quad cab 4.7L pcm issues

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Im buying the truck from my best friend, shes tired of the issues with it but i love the truck. 139500+ miles. In May of '20 she started having problems with it running a tad rough, transmission shifting issues, trans temp warning light coming on, hard starts. I checked the codes, forget what the exact code was, but it referenced cam position sensor. I replaced the sensor on passenger bank, engine was fine after that, but transmission issues remained. She took it to a dodge dealer here in s/e georgia in July of '20 and they told her pcm was bad, $1300 and 7 weeks later, everything was fine again. Trans issues were gone, and it ran and shifted perfectly again. No issues whatsoever until jan of '22. Same issues as last time. Dodge dealer said pcm was bad, warranty on the original repair by them was only 1 year, she didnt have another $1300 to throw at it, i did some research, found one from car computer exchange with a lifetime warranty, $400. I did a little more research on vehicle specifics, read the paperwork and instructions from car computer exhchange to compare before touching the truck. Disconnected the negative, the positive, and let the truck sit for an hour for static charge to dissapate. Removed air cleaner assembly to access pcm, found dealer tech had only reinstalled one of the three bolts that hold the pcm down. Ok, pissed. Disconnect the pcm connections one at a time, remove pcm, install new with new bolts, connect wiring harness. Wait the 20mins, conmect positive, negative, let sit for a minute, truck starts right up, all issues once again resolved. No problems until dec '22. All the same issues slowly start creeping back in: transmission issues, check engine light, hard starts, etc. Try to check codes, scanner and truck wont talk to each other. I need to check the fuse to the obd-ii port, and the pins to find the issue there, but pretty much certain the pcm is bad, yet again, regardless.

Doing some research, and came across this article:

Before Changing Your 2006 Dodge Dakota PCM Read This! - Flagship One Blog
Your 2006 Dodge Dakota PCM may also be damaged by other factors, including liquid leaks, poor shifts, failed self-diagnostic cycle and a

Now, ill sum up and say the article claims fluid leaks, blown exh manifold bolts, carbon dioxide build-up, bad fuel, cam position sensor, oil viscosity, all can lead to pcm failure on the 06 dakota, and says theyre known for pcm/electrical issues.

Does anyone have any experience with any of these issues on these dakotas? Theres a slight oil leak near the crank pulley- no others locations, no other fluid leaks. Fuel system cleaner (ive used berrymans b12, royal purple, and liqui-moly jectron in her the last 2 years), new die hard gold 65-2 battery with fresh terminals, cleaned grounds, regular oil changes with penzoil 5w30, everything that should be done regularly to prevent issues. I am trying to get some input and ideas beyond checking the wiring harness, etc. Im pretty much stumped on this one. I have never seen nor heard of a vehicle of any kind going thru pcm's like this.

Any thoughts would be most appreciated. Next step is to have someone else go thru the harness and check for anything i may have missed.
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