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Hey guys.

I have a 2003 3500 diesel, 2wd, 6 speed manual transmission with 220,000 miles, all stock.

Last weekend, the hubs was driving pulling a gooseneck full of horses. Roads were awful (snow/slush) and we were running behind so he was driving it pretty hard on the crappy roads.
Turned a corner and truck started squealing, sounded like a belt slipping. Engaging or disengaging the clutch would change the squeal tone, but it never decreased or stopped the squealing. We drove on to our destination as we were very close and turned the truck off.

When we went to leave several hours later, no squeal. Drove 10 miles home with same loaded trailer with no squeal or issue.

My initial thought was throw out bearing, but not sure it would have squealed the entire time, clutch engaged or not...?

Any ideas where to start?

Thanks in advance. This gal’s tired.
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