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02-06 ram short box access tonneau cover

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got a pic of it or a link
i can take a pic of it, pm me.
got a pic? might be interested
its in good shape, no rips or holes.
hard to install? i will let you know
I thought you sold this on ebay a couple months ago??? Anyway - you sticking to your "pickup only" status? Also would be curios why you still have this since someone won your ebay auction for it. If I remember correctly, the winning bid there was around $130.

Anyway, I'm interested, but as you know, I will need it shipped, and there is little chance that I will pay you $200 for it.
Relisted on ebay again as well. Looks like you are going with that "local pickup only" option again. Something go wrong last time???

ebay link
yep guy never paid me for it.
You might have thought about leaving him some negative feedback to help protect other ebay users from having the same issues with him.
Pics of it installed on your truck please. Ship to north dakota?
I see you lowered your BIN price dramatically on ebay. How come no mention of it on here?

Any thoughts on changing your mind on the "local pickup only" thing? I don't see why you won't ship it. If the buyer pays the shipping costs, whats the difference to you?
Wanna reconsider, or relist?
i got 3 local offers.
Good luck then.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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