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  1. 98 V8 Durango Trans Temp Light On/OD Off

    1G Dodge Durango General Talk
    Recently bought this durango and it looked pretty well taken care of. However about a month ago the transmission temperature light would come on and then kill O/D. Now I can only get about five-ten minutes of driving out of her before it does it. I've done some light research and was thinking...
  2. 2003 Ram hemi valve springs

    3G Dodge Ram Performance Talk
    Hey guys, In a nut shell I have 116k on my hemi and my intake valve spring broke. I know the early 5.7L hemis are notorious for this but I have to ask, where can I get "better" "stronger" valve springs with all the necessary hardware (springs, retainers, etc)? FYI its the #7 cylinder (already...