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train horn setup
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  1. train horn setup

    Mounted the relay right between the fuse box and battery, I figured this would be the best spot for it.
  2. train horn setup

    This is the bracket that I made. The bolts for this bracket are grade 5 if I am not mistaken. I drilled into that bracket just below the radiator, mounted my bracket to that, and then used the bracket siege engineering included and hooked up the horn to that. I did it this way because I didnt wan
  3. train horn setup

    Grounded the negative to the frame with a self tapping screw, I actually had to drill through the frame with a 1/8 bit inorder to get the self tapping screw to do its job.
  4. train horn setup

    You can see where I mounted to the frame, where the bolt is, this tank fits perfectly along the side of this frame... I ran the wires for the compresser through the wire loom and you can see the wire loom going across to the other side, I zip tied the wireloom along the sway bar.
  5. train horn setup

    The air hose I got from Napa, rated at 240 psi (2.99 a foot) and has the same internal diameter of the plastic polyurethane hose that came with the train horn kit. I also replaced there fittings with barbed fittings and clamped the hose onto that. I bought 4 feet at the time because I was estimating
  6. train horn setup

    Just trying to get you a view of how close I mounted it to the front bumper support. Its lined up flushy to to where that bracket stops.
  7. train horn setup

    The horn is less then a foot away from the compressor, one of the reasons why I couldnt use the plastic hose the kit came with. Also, you can see one wire going to the frame of the truck to ground the horn and then the other horn is running up the engine bay.
  8. train horn setup

    Grade 8 bolts... I bought ones in 4 inch length and went right the the frame perfectly... Nothing is in the way at all of the tank if you needed to dismount it. I bought the bolts at OSH because home depot didnt have any at the time.
  9. train horn setup

    Just another shot of the tank, you can see the releif valve, within clear site when you open the hood...
1-10 of 10 Results