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  1. What's your suspension set-up?

    Towing Talk
    What's your suspension set-up? Timbren SES might be able help. Our team at Timbren is dedicated to making your life easier when it comes to towing, hauling and all things truck and SUV related. So, we want to hear from you! What does your suspension set-up look like? Timbren SES kits are...
  2. losing power

    2G Dodge Ram Performance Talk
    1997 Dodge Ram 2500 v10 Whenever I hook onto a load it loses all power. It completely powered out pulling a trailer up a hill. I have to put it in 4 low to make it. Runs great without a load. When I accelerate or climbing an incline it gets really hot. The Temp would go back to normal after a...
  3. Broken 2012 side mirror (towing)

    4G Dodge RAM - Interior/Exterior Talk
    Hi everyone. I hope someone can help. Some jerk hit my truck in a parking lot and hit my passenger side mirror. It broke the cover but other than that, it's ok. Does anyone know where I can find a replacement? Dodge parts said I need to buy a whole new mirror costing over $500. Crazy since it's...
  4. XO Vision HTC35 reverse camera wiring

    3G Dodge RAM - Interior/Exterior Talk
    I got and installed one of the XO Vision HTC35 from Amazon. I'm having issues getting it to work tho as I haven't been able to find the correct wires to activate it. This is on my 2004 QC Hemi. I have tried the white/green wire for the tail lights and the white/green wire in the 7 pin trailer...
  5. RAM 2500 Brake Conversion for RAM 1500??

    3G Dodge RAM - Towing Talk
    First post here but I have been looking for the answer to this question everywhere, figured I'd ask here.... I've been hearing that the RAM 1500 front brake system (and rear) are not as heavy duty (duh) as the RAM 2500. I was wondering, how different is the 2500 front and rear brake systems...
  6. Dodge Ram Picture frame fifth wheel adaptor and Reese slide 16K hitch

    For Sale - Truck Parts
    Purchased the adaptor from Dodge a year ago and no longer have a need to for it or the Reese 16K slide hitch. price dropped to $500.00 for everything Hitch Fifth Wheel adapter Fifth Wheel Hitch Picture Frame Mounting Bracket attaches directly to vehicle frame stanchions, for all trucks with...
  7. truck and lawn equipment

    truck and lawn equipment

    5x10 trailer, my money maker!
  8. truck and lawn equipment

    truck and lawn equipment

    5x10 trailer, my money maker!
  9. tailer with lawn equipment

    tailer with lawn equipment

    5x10 trailer, my money maker!
  10. with the rv

    with the rv

    towing after the lift
  11. with the rv

    with the rv

    towing after the lift