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  1. No sound

    1G Dodge Durango - Interior/Exterior
    Hi there, my stereo is on in my 02'Durango, but there's no sound coming out of the speakers! Any ideas on this issue anyone?
  2. 2000 B3500 double din stereo install. Possible?

    Dodge B-Series Vans 1971 - 2003
    I want to install a nav/rear camera stereo. Is it doable or should I go the single DIN flip out route? Even that looks like it might hit the shift lever. Does anyone have any pics of their install on a 2000 era set up? I really want to get the back up cam. The ass on my van is huge. :)
  3. Sdc10142


    JVC KD AVX77 El Kamaleon headunit
  4. Stereo014


    converter=speaker wire to rca output
  5. Stereo015


    converter= speaker wire to rca output
  6. new setup

    new setup

    4 MTX 9500 12's, 2 1501d's Stinger 20 Farad Cap, Aux. optima, Pheonix Gold Isolator, ... etc ...