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rough idle

  1. Dodge B-Series Vans 1971 - 2003
    Hello all. I need some help on this one. I've got a 1999 Dodge RamVan 1500 with a 5.9L engine. No codes are popping up now, but I was getting the P0443 EVAP error. It didn't happen all the time, but it was happening. I just today replaced the Purge Solenoid to hopefully eliminate that from...
  2. 3G Dodge RAM - Drivetrain Talk
    Hi, I am new to this forum and have an issue (who doesn't). Anyways, trans slipping at 45-65 mph. No fault codes. First thing I did was change fluid and filters. No difference. Replaced input and output speed sensors, no change. Took out valve body and replaced solenoid pack. No difference. It...