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  1. Cooling Fan Relay Not Activating

    1G Dodge Durango General Talk
    Hello All - 2003 Dodge Durango (4.7L). Check engine light with P0480 Code - 'Cooling Fan 1 Control Circuit Malfunction'. Pulled the fan relay from PDC and tested - works; Jumped fan relay sockets 30 and 87 - fan works; With truck OFF voltage at sockets 30 and 86 = 12.5V; 87 = 0 V; 85 =...
  2. I fixed my failing keyless entry 97 Dodge Ram B2500 EP2-3N1ST

    Mobile Audio & Electronics Talk
    This may be a common problem for many Dodge vehicles. My keyless entry worked OK but almost every time I went to unlock the car the unlock button would turn on the interior lights but the doors would not unlock, they would not even try (no noise). I had to press lock first then unlock would...
  3. SwitchBack LEDs and Relays

    2G Dodge RAM - Interior/Exterior Talk
    So i am trying to install Switchback LED Turn signals. The Directions say update the Flasher Relay, but i dont really know what to get. I know that it is 12V and that's all it says on the Relay itself. Any help? thanks Oh and when i did isntall them, they work but the Flasher part just stays...
  4. No power to fuel pump after head gasket replacement

    Dodge Stratus 1st Gen (95 - 00)
    Hey everyone. I have a bit of a tricky problem that I'm hoping is just some small oversight on my part. I've got the 2.4 L DHC 97 Stratus. I just finished a head gasket job and now I'm getting a crank, no start condition. I noticed I was getting no fuel pressure at the rail and when checking...